Artist Statement

My drawings respond to the wildness that arises in the plot of land I refer to loosely to as ‘my garden’.  A garden is the result of an intense relationship with a particular place.  It represents an uncountable number of choices.  In the end, shaping and maintaining the garden, and developing the drawings, is a seamless endeavor, two seemingly different products resulting from the same process.

When I begin these drawings of various elements of the landscape, I am conscious of myself as an intruder in that world, as unnatural and foreign.  There is an “I”, and there is an “Other”; that stance is steadily eroded by the whole process of drawing.   Drawing, and perception itself, is an essentially erotic undertaking;, in that all of senses are called into play. 

 When drawing, I am subsumed into my subject, swallowed up whole by the living fleshy nature of the world around me.  I experience myself as, not separate from the world, but to be part of an enormous living organism.  Longing and desire – to be relieved of separateness and self-ness, to participate fully in the life in front of me - that is the root of these drawings, and is the larger part of the fear and pleasure I find in making them.